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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you not sell directly from your website?
    Juan Antonio Handbags is a wholesale company and we feel that teaming up with other retailers and businesses can result in a win-win outcome for your company, as well as our brand. When done right (which we feel we do it right), retail partnerships can result in additional exposure and revenue, and both parties end up happy with more customers and sales. Time to do the happy dance now! If you would like to find a Juan Antonio retailer nearest you, please contact us!
  • How do I become a Juan Antonio Handbags retailer?
    We’d love to talk with you more about joining the Juan Antonio retailer family! Please contact our Customer Service Department at for assistance.
  • Who is my sales representative?
    Please contact our Customer Service Department at to be directed to your local sales representative.
  • I purchased a Juan Antonio piece, but now I want to return it, how do I go about doing that?"
    All of our retailers have their own internal Return/Exchange policies. Please directly contact the retailer of purchase for questions/issues regarding your order. If you have any further issues, feel free to contact us at
  • Do Juan Antonio pieces come with a warranty?
    If you are in any way unsatisfied with a piece from Juan Antonio, please contact the retailer from which you purchased them. We are happy to work with our retailers to resolve any issues.
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